#DefendWater with Greenpeace Africa


#DefendWater with Greenpeace Africa

South Africa is currently in the middle of one of the worst droughts in living memory. While the rains in Cape Town may slowly be starting, we must keep water sharply in focus. In South Africa, water scarcity is an ongoing significant challenge that climate change is likely to worsen. This problem is not going away.

Although water is recognised as a human right in our constitution, we haven’t delivered it. Day Zero is already a reality for millions of South Africans, while mega water users, like Eskom, can use as much high-quality water as they like. Eskom uses a staggering 10 000 litres of water per second. Even if people face water restrictions and are not able to use water to meet their daily needs, Eskom will still have priority access to water. We are literally burning our rivers to produce electricity.

Greenpeace Africa is therefore engaging in the public space about the water crisis and what it means to realise that water as a human right. This important message has been spread nationwide, across social media platforms, into schoolyards, and onto walls in a street art campaign that has captured the imagination of fellow activists.

Have you spotted any #DefendWater wall art in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town? Please email pics and locations to us so we can post them. And if you’d like to add your voice to this campaign, you’ll find the stencil art over here. Help us show that the writing’s on the wall for mega water users!

They should no longer have the licence to use as much water as they like. Water is life. We cannot live without it and we must make sure that people’s right to water is put first and is protected. We encourage all South Africans to sign our petition to put water at the centre of government decision making, to share the wall art on social media, to keep on spreading the word that water is a human right and to #DefendWater with us!

John Curtis
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